AWARDS are made to recognize the accomplished, appreciate the hardworking, and motivate others to reach for the stars.

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We believe the award you are searching for can not just be found and purchased without some discussion about the meaning behind the award. Awards are so important and personal that we should discuss the many aspects of who is receiving the award. Questions we will ask:

  • What did they do to receive the award?
  • Will it be on display at the office or home?
  • Have they received others and you want this one to be different?
  • Do you have an event theme that you would like to carry through with this award?
  • I also want to know the age of the person.
  • And of course, do you have a budget?
  • When do you need it in hand

We started this company with a mission to develop the most creative and appropriate solutions for your recognition award needs.

Enjoy our collection.

Penny Fleming.

FS-171-LargeMarble and stone have long been thought of as treasures from history. Indeed the strength and beauty of marble and stone are the essence of legends. It withstands the test of time and as time moves forward, 805-Largethis natural beauty only gets better. Our collection is a tribute to the raw, exquisite material our designs utilize with its rough nature and our artisans coax out its smooth edges.   Look here for marble and stone awards

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Employee Recognition, HR Talent management Developing a comprehensive recognition program is an in-depth process that will have a direct positive effect on employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and company profitability. Awardpro has developed standards that are key components to a successful recognition program.

Recognition strategy
This should link to your corporate vision, mission and values.
• Identifying employee behaviors that advance the company or organization goals and values.OCSA Plaque Horizontal 5 13 15Top.bmp
• Recognizing those behaviors
• Promoting the behaviors

Management’s Responsibility
Managers are the eyes and ears to a recognition program for two reasons.
• Employees work for managers, not organizations
• The manger-employee relationship largely determines employee satisfaction.

Feedback from a manger makes an employee feel either appreciated or unimportant. A manager has an influence on the performance of an employee. Employees choose to leave a job when they are unappreciated. Often, employees decide to leave a job based on the relationship with their manager, not the organization.

Measuring a Recognition Program and Making Changes to a Program
Measuring the effectiveness of your recognition program will help you determine what is working and what is not. Three other advantages of measuring the program are:
• Justifying the recognition program to the boss or the CEO
• Determining the effectiveness of spending
• Identifying what activities or awards are worth the financial investment.

Recognition Training
Training managers about recognition–what it is, how it issued and what they can expect from it- will help the organization or company adopt a recognition program

Managers are the key to the success of any recognition program. Managers want increased employee productivity, decreased turnover and increased employee satisfaction. However, few know how to use recognition to get these results. Corporations should equip managers with the tools needed to implement recognition programs.

Planning a Recognition Event
Planning a recognition event requires some creativity and acute attention to detail. While each event requires special preparation the checklist below will get you started:

• Set Budget
• Set Event Date
• Choose Theme
• Determine Location
• Send Invitations
• Determine Final Guest Count
• Identify Award Recipients
• Choose Award(s)
• Notify Presenters

Program Change and Flexibility
Recognition programs evolve and change for a variety of reasons. For example, the date that you’ve gathered throughout the life of the recognition program will guide improvements for the future. Below are reasons recognition programs change.
• Program Improvement
• Changes in Leadership
• Organization Changes
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Budget Changes
• Organization Policies
• Changes in Participation

Whether you implement a basic, small-scale recognition effort or develop and extensive celebration program, do something. Recognize the Accomplished, appreciate the hardworking and motivate others to reach for the Stars.

Awardpro (a.k.a Penny Fleming) has been creating award events since 1983.

I remember the day, the moment the feeling. It was 1997 and I was driving home from a  major awards presentation. I was working for one of the top promotional merchandise companies in the world. I was the best again and this year I was more than great, I was stellar.

The evening went like all the other years. I had not seen many of my colleagues for over a year. We  hugged each other and we all said we had a good year. They all knew that I was the competition. I looked great and I was ready to be rewarded for my hard work.

The award presentation started and I did not once hear the audience gasp and what the award was that was being presented. The person giving out the awards was lacking emotion and feeling. I did not get the feeling that the company thought out how they were going to present the awards and what they were going to give the hard-working over-achievers. This became all real when it was my turn. My turn to be rewarded with an award that should have taken my breath away, an award that I would hold in both my hands and look at it with pride. I had worked so hard to achieve greatness and I wanted to be recognized.

When it was my turn to receive my awards I stood up and proudly walked up on to the stage. I felt the clapping and the cheers in my heart but this all ended when I was on stage. The award giver said a small speech and handed me one award. He then said I was most improved and while he was talking into the microphone (and not looking at me), he just put out his hand and handed me the exact same award that I had just received but with my name incorrectly spelled on it. Still with no emotion, he mumbled something about the great year their company was having. And just as I was stepping off the stage, the presenter said, ” Oh we forgot this is for you also. You had the highest volume in the western division.” He handed me the award as if it were some obligation and he walked away.

This award (or at least this is what they called it) was another leather piece. My other two awards were small leather binders with a calendar in them. One had no name the other one had my name misspelled. This “stellar” award was a large leather binder with the word stellar and the date. I sell leather binders and I am given leather binders from my vendors. I felt I worked at a nursery and was given a plant. I was so disappointed. On the drive home I replayed the evening in my head and knew I was rewarded or recognized for my hard work. I walked into our house and my husband knew something was wrong. I told him the story and he said, “Why don’t you become a AwardPro?”

That was the day AwardPro was born.