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Trophies are some of the most prized possessions when it comes to awards. Whether they’re towering trophies fit for a VIP athlete or a modest trophy for school children, trophies are awards that make a statement.

TPC402-S_lrgAt, we’ve raised the bar on trophy awards by doing away with the old idea of grade school plastic trophies. Instead, our trophies are genuine works of art that are sure to be part of your recipient’s collection for years to come.

Our trophy awards are so beauTrophies - Awardprotiful and finely crafted that you’d expect to see them on display in a museum or an upscale boutique! Choose from creative towering trophies like the JC Arabesque, or offer individual distinction with the CIP Goddess Trophy. For a classic crystal trophy model to suit all occasions, go with the JC Steps to Success. Or maybe you have a star athlete, in which case opt for the star trophy.

Trophies - AwardproIf you’re in the market for a unique contemporary trophy that has an abstract flair, then perhaps the Awards of Appreciation is the best choice.

If you’re looking for a more traditional trophy, then select our metal trophies in gold or silver, both of which come with a solid base.

What is a Trophy?

A trophy is a object that recognizes achievement in sports or other activities.

Trophies can be a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Trophy Cups are popular types.

Awards of Appreciation

Traditional Metal Trophies - LA Trophies

Traditional Metal Trophies

Call or email us today and we will help you find the perfect Trophy to present as an award. Awardpro is here to assist you from concept to completion. We help guide you through the process to help ensure you have the most exquisite and best-suited award possible. We’re also happy to consider your budget guidelines and help select the most appropriate award trophy based on your needs.

And just to make sure your imprint is correct, faxed or emailed PDF file proofs are provided for your approval. One area imprinting is also included. Most awards have a set-up charge and don’t forget rush service is also available for those last-minute gifts.

Whether you are planning an award in advance or need a rush order, allow Awardpro’s creative design team to help you customize an award that will last a lifetime.

Trophies – AwardPro – Unique Corporate Awards for recognition, motivation, and appreciation

FS-171-LargeMarble and stone have long been thought of as treasures from history. Indeed the strength and beauty of marble and stone are the essence of legends. It withstands the test of time and as time moves forward, 805-Largethis natural beauty only gets better. Our collection is a tribute to the raw, exquisite material our designs utilize with its rough nature and our artisans coax out its smooth edges.   Look here for marble and stone awards

Look here for more options and specials.

Employee Recognition, HR Talent management Developing a comprehensive recognition program is an in-depth process that will have a direct positive effect on employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and company profitability. Awardpro has developed standards that are key components to a successful recognition program.

Recognition strategy
This should link to your corporate vision, mission and values.
• Identifying employee behaviors that advance the company or organization goals and values.OCSA Plaque Horizontal 5 13 15Top.bmp
• Recognizing those behaviors
• Promoting the behaviors

Management’s Responsibility
Managers are the eyes and ears to a recognition program for two reasons.
• Employees work for managers, not organizations
• The manger-employee relationship largely determines employee satisfaction.

Feedback from a manger makes an employee feel either appreciated or unimportant. A manager has an influence on the performance of an employee. Employees choose to leave a job when they are unappreciated. Often, employees decide to leave a job based on the relationship with their manager, not the organization.

Measuring a Recognition Program and Making Changes to a Program
Measuring the effectiveness of your recognition program will help you determine what is working and what is not. Three other advantages of measuring the program are:
• Justifying the recognition program to the boss or the CEO
• Determining the effectiveness of spending
• Identifying what activities or awards are worth the financial investment.

Recognition Training
Training managers about recognition–what it is, how it issued and what they can expect from it- will help the organization or company adopt a recognition program

Managers are the key to the success of any recognition program. Managers want increased employee productivity, decreased turnover and increased employee satisfaction. However, few know how to use recognition to get these results. Corporations should equip managers with the tools needed to implement recognition programs.

Planning a Recognition Event
Planning a recognition event requires some creativity and acute attention to detail. While each event requires special preparation the checklist below will get you started:

• Set Budget
• Set Event Date
• Choose Theme
• Determine Location
• Send Invitations
• Determine Final Guest Count
• Identify Award Recipients
• Choose Award(s)
• Notify Presenters

Program Change and Flexibility
Recognition programs evolve and change for a variety of reasons. For example, the date that you’ve gathered throughout the life of the recognition program will guide improvements for the future. Below are reasons recognition programs change.
• Program Improvement
• Changes in Leadership
• Organization Changes
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Budget Changes
• Organization Policies
• Changes in Participation

Whether you implement a basic, small-scale recognition effort or develop and extensive celebration program, do something. Recognize the Accomplished, appreciate the hardworking and motivate others to reach for the Stars.

Awardpro (a.k.a Penny Fleming) has been creating award events since 1983.