Need to seal an important college certificate, diploma or important magazine article? Have a news article that you would like to display on your walls that will uofc-bluenot turn brown, or fade? These sealed plaques are very popular on the walls of professionals.  We are a leading supplier of laminated permanent plaques since 1983. I truly believe that no one can do it better than Awardpro.
fox deluxHas your organization been recognized nationally or internationally? If you have multiple locations (chain, retail, etc.), why not issue a plaque for each of your locations to let your customers know of your achievements and recognition. Custom laminated plaques are perfect for Magazine Covers, Advertising reprints, Corporate announcements, Professional awards, Special honors, government documentation Invitations, Diplomas and credentials, Newspaper articles, Sports team photos, Photographs, Artwork

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 Some people call them heat sealed we just call it permanent beautiful customized plaques that will ensure that your Diploma, Certificate or Article will never tear or fade! The is the very best way to preserve your college certificate, newspaper article or any other winning achievement. We now offer LARGE Format Heat sealed plaques. Have a magazine article that you want to have on one large plaque? I can do this!  Just send me and email with what you want. I will send you back a quote.

We also offer shinny black piano finish. This one is my favorite with gold or silver trim.

DOCUMENT SIZE (square inches)ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPYLY EXAMPLE Finished Size  (standard sizes We will help you create the size you need COST INCLUDES, WOOD, FINISH AND ONE TRIM COLOR
0-15 3″ x 5″ $55.00
16-50 5″ x 7″ $65.00
51-100 8.5″ x 11″ $90.00
101-150 9″ x 12″ $100.00
151-200 11″ x 14″ $115.00
201-250 12″ x 18″ $125.00
251-300 15″ x 18″ $135.00
301 -350 15″ x 21″ $145.00
351-400 16″ X 22″ $170.00
DOCUMENT SIZE. Don’t worry about the finished size they are all standard. (square inches)
EXAMPLE (standard sizes)
Your standard size 8 1/2 ” x  11″ Diploma or Certificate

PROTECT Laminated Diplomas or Certificates with our exclusive PLAQUE process. The document will actually be enhanced, protected from moisture and air and the process blocks dirt and moisture from your article which helps avoid the yellowing that occurs with many printed items. Make sure your photograph is a good one. Order from the newspaper company if you can.  The process is non toxic environmentally friendly also.

Wrinkles virtually disappear. Colors acquire a fresh luster. The paper itself, or photograph, loses its dull appearance and becomes like new. Make sure you send a good photo if you can order it from the publication.

Choose SOLID COLORS or FINE-WOOD GRAINS. Talk to us about using different border or edge colors other than the default GOLD. Every order is a CUSTOM order, we want you to be very pleased with the results.

Additional Charges such as Multi items and trims.

Many times we need to make high quality copies of your article. The cost is $8.00 each.  

MULTI-ITEM-LAYOUT  This means more than one item on a plaque.
$10.00 per item. If you have two pieces that are to go on the laminated plaque it would be $20.00
DOCUMENT-TRIM  This is the trim color that goes around the document.
Standard color is gold, silver, another color or multiple trims  is $8.00 per-plaque per color 
EDGE PAINT  This is the paint that goes on the bevel edge of your plaque
Standard color is gold or Silver, another color is optional $8.00 per-plaque.
Many times we need to make high quality copies of your article. The cost is $8.00 each.  


Normally there is no set rush charge. However, depending on how fast you need it a rush charge may apply.  
Specify which finish you prefer: GLOSS  or SATIN (Non Reflective)
Permanent Plaques are made under a heat/pressure process. No liquids, resins or varnishes are used, guaranteeing a fine lamination. Because of the heat and pressure used to laminate the sheets of plastic, embossed notarial seals flatten out and sometimes become unreadable. Tape residue, fingerprints and food-stains on the items to be laminated may become visible, some inks smudge noticeably, and *ghosting* or *bleed through* may occur from reverse printing. Although we use extreme care in handling and preparing your documents, Awardpro will assume no responsibility for any changes that occur during the laminating process.
Acetates, film negatives, some types of color laser copies, plastic-coated items, plastic 3-dimensional items, metal, and items glued to something else.

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