Trophies are some of the most prized possessions when it comes to awards. Whether they’re towering trophies fit for a VIP athlete or a modest trophy for school children, trophies are awards that make a statement.

TPC402-S_lrgAt, we’ve raised the bar on trophy awards by doing away with the old idea of grade school plastic trophies. Instead, our trophies are genuine works of art that are sure to be part of your recipient’s collection for years to come.

Our trophy awards are so beauTrophies - Awardprotiful and finely crafted that you’d expect to see them on display in a museum or an upscale boutique! Choose from creative towering trophies like the JC Arabesque, or offer individual distinction with the CIP Goddess Trophy. For a classic crystal trophy model to suit all occasions, go with the JC Steps to Success. Or maybe you have a star athlete, in which case opt for the star trophy.

Trophies - AwardproIf you’re in the market for a unique contemporary trophy that has an abstract flair, then perhaps the Awards of Appreciation is the best choice.

If you’re looking for a more traditional trophy, then select our metal trophies in gold or silver, both of which come with a solid base.

What is a Trophy?

A trophy is a object that recognizes achievement in sports or other activities.

Trophies can be a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Trophy Cups are popular types.

Awards of Appreciation

Traditional Metal Trophies - LA Trophies

Traditional Metal Trophies

Call or email us today and we will help you find the perfect Trophy to present as an award. Awardpro is here to assist you from concept to completion. We help guide you through the process to help ensure you have the most exquisite and best-suited award possible. We’re also happy to consider your budget guidelines and help select the most appropriate award trophy based on your needs.

And just to make sure your imprint is correct, faxed or emailed PDF file proofs are provided for your approval. One area imprinting is also included. Most awards have a set-up charge and don’t forget rush service is also available for those last-minute gifts.

Whether you are planning an award in advance or need a rush order, allow Awardpro’s creative design team to help you customize an award that will last a lifetime.

Trophies – AwardPro – Unique Corporate Awards for recognition, motivation, and appreciation


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Exquisite Custom Designs Made Easy!
From conception to completion, our creative team will take your ideas and turn them into reality. We will advise you of all the possibilities to create a custom company award. We can also make simple modifications to an existing product for you.


Send us your conceptual drawings, board room brainstorms, or simply list your club’s needs.

Custom awards are designed to reflect the unique tastes of the recipient and to symbolize the occasion. These awards have the power to turn accomplishments into long-lasting memories.

Get Started…
Start by thinking about how tall, wide and where it will be displayed when finished. The budget and when do you need it?

Custom Awards Process
Step 1 – Project Vision
Gathering Background Information

Members of our creative team will talk with you to clearly define the vision and the business objectives of your award program. We will also discuss the project background and goals, including theme, timeline, quantity and pricing. This is the best time to introduce your ideas to our designers.

Step 2 – Concept Drawings
Your Ideas on Paper

After we understand the project requirements, we will create initial design sketches. Our project team will provide concept drawings for your custom award. We will make the necessary changes based on your feedback.

Step 3 – Electronic Color Rendering
Your Product Takes Shape

During Step Three the sketches are re-formatted into a three-dimensional color rendering. This rendering will give you a realistic view of the final custom award. We will continue to modify the design to your satisfaction. Any charges for these services will be discussed before proceeding. Each custom product is priced based on its unique design.

Step 4 – Creating a Sample
Your Award Comes to Life

Based on the color rendering, we will fabricate a one-of-a-kind sample custom award for your review. If necessary, further modifications can be made to the design. After you give final approval, production of your custom award will begin.

Amazing creations to award amazing people.

Custom Awards from the same company that makes the Oscar and Golden Globes.

The following is a list of the top 34 awards around the world.


01. BAFTA Award
02. Screen Actors Guild Award
03. Razzie Award
04. Australian Film Institute Award
05. Houston Film Critics Society Award
06. MTV Movie Award
07. Hamptons International Film Festival Award
08. NAACP Image Award
09. Academy Award
10. Seattle International Film Festival Award
11. American Film Institute Award
12. Satellite Award
13. Annual Irish Film & Television Award
14. Critics’ Choice Award
15. Palm Springs International Film Festival Award
16. David di Donatello Award
17. Palme d’Or
18. César Award
19. Swiss Film Prize Quartz Award
20. Independent Spirit Award
21. Saturn Award
22. Sundance Film Festival Award
23. Genie Award
24. Gotham Independent Film Award
25. Chicago Film Critics Association Award
26. Golden Globe
27. GLAAD Media Award
28. Festival du Nouveau Cinéma Award
29. Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award
30. People’s Choice Award
31. ALMA Award
32. Directors Guild Award
33. Venice Film Festival Award
34. Polish Film Award

I work with the same manufactures that make these awards. Would you like to have your award appear with the famous awards here? Give us a call to design a one of kind award for your special event

FS-171-LargeMarble and stone have long been thought of as treasures from history. Indeed the strength and beauty of marble and stone are the essence of legends. It withstands the test of time and as time moves forward, 805-Largethis natural beauty only gets better. Our collection is a tribute to the raw, exquisite material our designs utilize with its rough nature and our artisans coax out its smooth edges.   Look here for marble and stone awards

Look here for more options and specials.

AWARDPRO is a passion…

Awards are given for recognition, accomplishment, and motivation. At, you can create a customized award gift ideal for any occasion. is your one stop source for a diverse selection of custom award
choices for your honored recipient. Choose between plaques, trophies,
jewelry awards, travel awards, golf awards, or corporate
gifts. Our awards come in many different materials so you
have the best selection available to you. Choose an
award in crystal for an elite top tier look, or perhaps a
stone or marble award is more suitable for your
distinguished recipient.

Awardpro is the best award source in
Southern California. Based in the beautiful
city of Newport Beach, our awards are deliverable
as rush orders for your convenience. So whether
you’re getting a simple or a custom award, our award
designers can help you get the best gift possible.

At Awardpro we’re passionate about helping you excel in
choosing a quality and affordable award, plaque, or trophy. We
honor your esteemed recipient work with you to secure the best award
at competitive prices.

As a leading award designer, we guide you through your award
selection process. We believe your award search is most successful
when paired with guidance from our creative team who will listen to
your needs and advise you on the best options.

Awards are so important and personal that we should discuss the many aspects of who is receiving the award. Here are some important questions to frame the type of accolade your guest should receive:

  • Why are they receiving the award?
  • Will it be on display at the office or home?
  • Have they received others and you want this one to be different?
  • Do you have an event theme you would like to carry through with this award?
  • And of course, do you have a budget?

We started this company with a mission to develop the most creative and appropriate solutions for your award needs. We look forward to learning more about your recipient and helping you select the best possible award. After all, an award is not just a reflection on the recipient – it’s also a reflection on the giver.

At Awardpro, we’re passionate about awards. We care about your event, your recipient, and your cause. We also want to make sure you have the most diverse selection of awards available to you, including eco-friendly and recycled awards that are both imaginative and impressive looking. For a personal touch, we offer engraving to personalize any award. From simple to sensational, our award professional designers can help you choose the best award.

We invite you to enjoy our collection and look forward to answer any of your questions on our online award shop. And don’t forget to check out Awardpro Travel for exclusive planning services for luxurious executive get away! We’ve been in business for over 30 years and have traveled the world. Allow us to offer our expertise for your special awards or executive travel needs.

Enjoy our collection.

Penny Fleming.

Awardpro Founder and Creative Award Designer

“Give them something they’ll never forget!”


Creating a school award award involves seizing the opportunity to catch someone doing something right. Your award should recognize teachers, staff, students, or volunteers for behaviors that further the goals and mission of your school or school district.

To help you create a meaningful school award, here’s a series of questions you should ask to ensure your school award will promote the future you envision for your school.

1. What do you want to enhance or promote in your district or school?
2. What are your major areas of focus?
3. Who are the potential recipients?
4. Is there a large enough pool of potential recipients?
5. How inclusive will the award be?
6. Is the award simple in format?
7. What are the long-range implications of the award? Shop for School Awards
8. What will you name the award?
9. What will be the substance of the award?
10. How will people be nominated for the award?
11. Will there be a form used for nominations?
12. What will the criteria be for selection?
13. Who will select the recipient and what process of selection will be used?
14. Will there be a community sponsor for this award?
15. How will the recipient be notified that they have been selected to receive the award?
16. How will the recipient be prepared for the presentation?
17. How will peers and the general public be informed that this individual is receiving the award?
18. How will the presenters be briefed about their role in the presentation of the award?
19. Who will generate a program describing the award presentation?
20. Who will acknowledge the friends and family who have accompanied the recipient and how and when will this be done?
21. Will the recipient’s name, the award received, and the date of the award be recorded on a perpetual plaque or in some type of register for posterity?
22. Who will prepare the news releases and to what media agencies will the material be released?
23. Who will ask the recipient if they would like a copy of the notification letter in their personnel file and see that it is included there?
24. Who will express appreciation to the sponsor for underwriting the award for the year?
25. How will input be solicited for suggestions or modifications to the award? 

Jersey Framing

Jersey Framing

The craft of professional jersey framing in high-quality custom frames is a difficult one. It is a very labor intensive process that requires very skillful and precise ironing and pinning of the jersey if the framing is to stand the test of time. In particular, the pinning must be done very carefully using specially designed stainless steel framing pins that not only will secure the jersey to the matte but will also not damage the jersey in any way.

Our framers at Awardpro have many years of jersey framing experience.We know the craft of creating custom jersey framing solutions for any kind of shirt, jersey, or cloth collectible.


I remember the day, the moment the feeling. It was 1997 and I was driving home from a  major awards presentation. I was working for one of the top promotional merchandise companies in the world. I was the best again and this year I was more than great, I was stellar.

The evening went like all the other years. I had not seen many of my colleagues for over a year. We  hugged each other and we all said we had a good year. They all knew that I was the competition. I looked great and I was ready to be rewarded for my hard work.

The award presentation started and I did not once hear the audience gasp and what the award was that was being presented. The person giving out the awards was lacking emotion and feeling. I did not get the feeling that the company thought out how they were going to present the awards and what they were going to give the hard-working over-achievers. This became all real when it was my turn. My turn to be rewarded with an award that should have taken my breath away, an award that I would hold in both my hands and look at it with pride. I had worked so hard to achieve greatness and I wanted to be recognized.

When it was my turn to receive my awards I stood up and proudly walked up on to the stage. I felt the clapping and the cheers in my heart but this all ended when I was on stage. The award giver said a small speech and handed me one award. He then said I was most improved and while he was talking into the microphone (and not looking at me), he just put out his hand and handed me the exact same award that I had just received but with my name incorrectly spelled on it. Still with no emotion, he mumbled something about the great year their company was having. And just as I was stepping off the stage, the presenter said, ” Oh we forgot this is for you also. You had the highest volume in the western division.” He handed me the award as if it were some obligation and he walked away.

This award (or at least this is what they called it) was another leather piece. My other two awards were small leather binders with a calendar in them. One had no name the other one had my name misspelled. This “stellar” award was a large leather binder with the word stellar and the date. I sell leather binders and I am given leather binders from my vendors. I felt I worked at a nursery and was given a plant. I was so disappointed. On the drive home I replayed the evening in my head and knew I was rewarded or recognized for my hard work. I walked into our house and my husband knew something was wrong. I told him the story and he said, “Why don’t you become a AwardPro?”

That was the day AwardPro was born.